Okay, so I’m moving back to Blogger.

Yes, I know, you can roll your eyes at me. I’ve been doing it to myself.

I like WordPress for the professionalism, and I like the theme I’m using, but I don’t like how you have to pay $30 a year to be able to customize a theme, and even when you pay that amount, you still can’t customize very much. I’m not into having the exact same theme with the exact same colours as all of the beauty bloggers on WordPress have. I need to have a little bit more individuality to my blog, which Blogger will allow me to do more than WordPress here.

So I made a brand new blog with Blogger and all the posts I have here will be moved to Blogger so my work for the past two~ weeks won’t go to waste.

I also made a new Bloglovin’ for it which you can see here. Please follow me on there!

Blogging place problems because I always have them.

The Internet is now strongly making me regret moving my makeup blog to WordPress… mostly because every other beauty blog on WordPress has the same theme as me so it’s just irritating  because I can’t customize the layout, because I don’t want to pay $30 a year to barely be able to customize a theme.

… the good thing is that I haven’t made very many posts on the WordPress blog. The bad thing is that I made such a big deal about the move and I look like an idiot right now.

I don’t know what to do.

REVIEW: Benefit Rockateur Blush

IMG_3399Benefit Rockateur Blush/Powder – $28

The newest addition to the Benefit Boxed Powder line, Rockateur, pretty much took over the world by…. what’s the word? I can’t remember. Force? Storm? It’s something like that and I’m very bad at these silly phrases in the English language, to be honest with you.


In 2013, rose gold became this huge and number one thing in the makeup world. Sure, emerald or whatever was the Pantone Colour of the Year, but who cares about emerald when you’ve actually got rose gold thrown in your face 24/7?

When this first came out, I really liked the look of it. I liked the outside packaging, the way the product itself was designed, and how swatches came out in photos when I looked up the reviews. Even though I was interested in it, I wasn’t so interested in it that I was rushing to go and buy it, so I just had it on my Christmas wish list and ended up getting it for Christmas!


THE GOOD: The packaging looks amazing. The blush in the pan looks amazing. It looks amazing swatched. If you’re really fair, this could be an amazing blush and/or highlighter for you.

THE OKAY: Eh, I’m about, what I would guess, NW20~ in MAC terms and this blush doesn’t look so noticeable on me even when I really pack it on. I’ve used both the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Contour Brush and the Multitask Brush from the same brand and even with a much more dense brush like the Multitask, I didn’t see a lot on my face. In pictures, you just can’t see it. I’m not very dark at all, not even what you would call tan, and it seems to be just a subtle highlighter on me.

THE BAD: Have you seen how much product this box contains and what the price is? All the boxed powders that are not Rockateur are .25-.28 oz and $28 while Rockateur is .17 oz and retails for the same exact price. You are getting much less product but you’re still paying almost $30 after tax. This stunt reminds me of MAC repackaging their pigments so there was less product and they were charging the same price, and when NARS repackaged their stick concealer and gave 50% less product for the same price. I honestly do not care if they “used different and more expensive material” than the other powders. It’s just… it’s a lot less product for the same price and it doesn’t seem fair to me.


Honestly, I’m not sure what my final thoughts are on this and I don’t think I ever will even though I’ve worn this enough times and I should have been able to come up with an opinion by now. I don’t loathe it, but I’m not completely in love with it. What I do know is that if I were to ever run out of this, I would not get another one of these.

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Urban Decay NAKED3 Makeup Tutorial | closed captioned

Yes, yes, another person on YouTube and makeup blogs purchasing the NAKED3 palette from Urban Decay and then creating, editing, and uploading a makeup tutorial for it onto YouTube.



I’ll admit: I made fun of this palette when someone posted a very filtered picture of the palette on Instagram because it seriously just looked like NAKED and NAKED2 slapped into a third palette. Honestly, I still think the whole NAKED thing is getting ridiculous and if they do decide to make another one, I hope that the hypothetical fourth palette will be all matte shades. Or you know, make an all matte palette but with bright colours since, you know, Urban Decay was known for that funky and edge side to makeup!

There will be no review or even a mini review for this eyeshadow palette in this video or blog post. I will save that for a future blog post and/or video once I’ve played with all the shades at least once.

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Foiled Orange/Copper New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial using Urban Decay NAKED2 | closed captioned

It’s the last day of 2013, so I figured now would probably be the time to make a blog post for the NYE makeup tutorial that I did a few days ago.

I did want to do a makeup tutorial for NYE since I did one last year, but I had no ideas for one and I didn’t want to really do silver and blue again. I was just going to disregard the idea of a NYE makeup tutorial completely until Rachel Whitehurst gave me an idea to do a foiled makeup tutorial! Rachel is a very nifty YouTube friend of mine so I was very honoured (and perhaps teared up a little bit) when she gave me an idea for the video.

(Gee, you do a Teen Wolf collaboration and this for me? You spoil me, friend.)

Do yourself a favour and watch Rachel’s NYE video too. Blue is my favourite eyeshadow colour to wear (yes, even the neon blue stuff) and I loved seeing the blue in this tutorial! Plus, she’s so much cooler than me and her eyebrows are ten times better than mine.

REVIEW: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer – Aurora

IMG_3344I received this item in my Vox Box from Influenster. Expect an honest opinion from me.

I’m not sure how we’re supposed to go about reviewing items from an Influenster box since this is my first time receiving one. Do we review everything in one post? Make separate posts? Only review what you care about? I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll figure it out after this post gets published.

Lipstick/lipgloss hybrids, also known as liquid lip colours or liquid lipsticks have been the new “thing” in the makeup world lately. I’ve seen them from many different brands like Kat Von D, Maybelline, now Rimmel has come out with their own line. These are just a few brands from the many out there that have released this kind of product.

FYI, in the UK, these are called Apocalips while in the US, they’re called Show Off Lip Lacquers, so keep that in mind when you’re browsing your drugstores for this product!


Rimmel claims that this has “the intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine”. This comes in thirteen shades and the shade that was put into my box was Aurora, a deep kinda sorta not quite there coral shade.

People have been comparing these to OCC Lip Tars and I’m not quite understanding the comparison here. Maybe it could be compared to the stain gloss, but not the original matte lip tars. These are not pigmented like a lipstick, only like a lipgloss that isn’t formulated to be sheer. The consistency stays as a lipgloss too. They do not dry down too much, only a little bit, and they don’t wear nearly as long. I found myself reapplying three times in just a few hours.

With that being said, what makes them better than the OCC Lip Tars is how comfortable they are. They are much more comfortable to wear than the OCC Lip Tars since they don’t have the long lasting formula that makes them drying.

In general, I really don’t understand the comparison.

The Show Off Lip Lacquer isn’t a terrible product by any means and I don’t know if I would go and buy one for myself. I like the colour and the actual product just fine, but it isn’t something that really makes me excited when I pull it out.

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REVIEW: OCC Lip Tar – Memento

IMG_3380Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar “Memento” – $18

For Christmas, I received the OCC Mini Lip Tar set that retailed for just $20 for four little lip tars. Unfortunately, the set isn’t for sale anymore (the 12 set is, though), but Memento is a permanent shade, so this review is still good to go.

If you don’t know what lip tars are, they’re an extremely pigmented lipstick in liquid form. A very little bit goes a long way. If you’re vegan, this brand is absolutely perfect for you since every single one of their products is vegan.


Memento is described on the Sephora website as a midtone pink plum. I see the midtone pink, but I’m not sure I’m seeing the plum.



Even on my lips, it looks like a deep pink nude shade.

Lip Tars have a tendency to be a drying product which is really how it ends up looking so matte once dried and lasts a long time even after drinking (and maybe eating, depending on what you’re eating). I have very high maintenance lips that require extra care and even with very good lip balm, lip tars are drying on me. Each shade I’ve tried has a different level of dryness. It really just depends on the shade. Memento actually feels very comfortable for the first hour, but after that, it dries completely and starts to feel a little more drying, especially at the edges and sides of the mouth, but it’s not the driest lip tar I own.

If you’ve got super dry lips that peel easily, I wouldn’t recommend a matte lip tar and would instead recommend you go for a gloss stain. Although they’re much more comfortable to wear, they are a gloss and they don’t have the pigmentation or the longevity of a matte lip tar. You can see my comparison video here. Lip tars come in many, many different shades from your ordinary neutrals to blues and greens that you can use to mix with neutral lip tars or other colours and just have a field day with them.

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