BLACK FRIDAY HAUL: Sugarpill Chromalust!

(I know, I know. I should re-paint my nails. I know.)

I wasn’t really interested in getting anything for Black Friday since none of the deals were really interesting me until dundundun, Sugarpill was having their usual Black Friday sale!

I don’t remember how they were in the past, but this year, there were lots of items on sale anywhere from 20% to 50% off, which is a good bargain for Sugarpill! I love Sugarpill, called them my favourite eyeshadow brand of all time (well, Inglot too), and have used them in many, many, many makeup tutorials.

I got three Chromalusts total: Darling, Stella, and Tipsy. Tipsy was 50% off (retail price for Chromalusts: $12) while Darling and Stella were, I believe, 30% off.

IMG_3288Darling – “stunning teal loaded with iridescent turquoise star bursts”. This is a vegan loose eyeshadow.

IMG_3255Stella – “the blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle”. This is a vegan loose eyeshadow.

IMG_3290Tipsy – “high-shimmer true grass green”. This is a vegan eyeshadow.

I’ve tried all three of them at least once and my least favourite thus far is Stella only because the absolutely gorgeous sparkle does not show up very well at all once it’s placed on the lid. I’ve used the pigment both dry and wet and the sparkle falls off instantly even if you pack on  a lot. Between Darling and Tipsy, I can’t say really which is my favourite yet, but I may be leaning toward Darling just because turquoise is my favourite colour.

If you ever want to order from Sugarpill, I would say be a little wary since once the order ships, even though you get a tracking number, the tracking itself never updates even when it arrives in your mailbox. I’ve ordered from the Sugarpill website twice now and it’s done that both times. The package also took almost two weeks to get to me once it shipped and I leave on the other side of the country. So keep that in mind if you want to order from Sugarpill during a sale. A discount’s great, but sometimes the waiting time is not.

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7 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY HAUL: Sugarpill Chromalust!

  1. I adore my Sugarpill pigments, I definitely use them more than my palettes. Darling is definitely one of my favorites, it’s such a pretty color :3 Liking the new layout too.

    • The Chromalusts fade and crease on me faster than the pressed eyeshadows do, so I’m definitely going to need a better primer/buy more bases so the pigment will have something to stick to. I just wish Stella was so much better than it is right now!

      Also, thank you so much!

    • I had mixed feelings about it since swatches were different on every blog post I saw it on, but I went with my gut and Temptalia’s swatch and I’m so happy I got it now! You should definitely try out Sugarpill! You can get it from the website itself or on Beautylish!

    • It really is a shame! After Christmas, I’m gonna see if I can get a sample of the Too Faced Glitter Glue primer from the Sephora in Charlotte and see how that works. If everything else fails, I’ll just try to sell it and maybe somebody with a little more glitter experience will enjoy it more than me!

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