“PERFECT” Red Lip Tutorial – 3 Ways | closed captioned

After watching Joseph Harwood’s red lip tutorial (and his other lip tutorials), I really wanted to do my own. It was actually really refreshing to do some sort of tutorial (or explanation video) that didn’t involve just eyeshadow for a change. So, thank you, Joseph, ‘cos I’d still be stuck in an eyeshadow tutorial only rut if I wasn’t inspired by your videos!

Instead of doing one lipstick colour and calling that the “perfect” red lip, I wanted to do three different lip colours with three different (sort of) undertones because not everybody likes one certain undertone, or wears just one. Variety is the spice of life~

Prepping before application tips:

  • Exfoliate with a lip scrub or toothbrush, especially if you have high maintenance lips.
  • Moisturize very well and let lip balm sink in before application.
  • Use a matching or clear lip liner and fill in your lips completely so the lipstick will stick; don’t just outline the lips!

Before you ask, “What colour lipstick should I wear when I’m this undertone?”, I’m gonna go ahead and tell you right off the bat that I don’t think there is one “certain” shade for everyone of every skintone. I really don’t. You can go to Google and ask that question and you’ll get orange toned red lipstick for warm toned people, blue toned red for cool toned people, and then you’ll get articles that switch the two and you’re left very, very confused.

The best advice I will give you is to go to a makeup counter and/or try out different red lipsticks on your own and pick one whether it’s orange, blue, or neutral based.

With all of that being said, allow me to show you a few options, one of all the mentioned undertones:


This is an orange-red lipstick numbered 103 from the Polish brand, Inglot, on top of “Poppy” lip liner from Prestige, a drugstore brand you can find at Rite-Aid or Ulta. The Inglot lipstick when I bought this last year cost $12 and the lip liner cost around $5. I really like both of them and think they are fantastic for the price. The lip liner is long lasting. The lipstick is creamy, applies well, and doesn’t feel drying at all.


This is Bebe Poshe Princess Kiss Lipstick in 02 Sweetheart, a red with a very deep blue undertone with CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip liner in Passion on the outline after I applied the lipstick on its own. This is a Taiwanese product, so it will probably be hard for you to acquire. A YouTube friend of mine got this for me when she was in Taiwan on vacation, thank you! If you Google, you might be able to find it on eBay. I’m really fond of this lipstick. It doesn’t feel drying at all when I wear this even if it’s been a few hours. It’s easy to apply on the lips; it goes on smoothly and it stays on throughout the day even without a lip liner.


Last but not least, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb. This is a more neutral toned red lipstick. I also wanted to include this because it’s similar to the Bebe Poshe lipstick, but easier to get since Urban Decay is more known worldwide. This was actually the first time I tried a Revolution lipstick since I got a sample of four different shades. This was the colour I wore throughout the day and it really wears nicely! It didn’t feel drying on my lips at all. I would recommend trying out a shade.

I hope the video and this blog post was helpful and has given you some new options to add to your makeup collection and red lipstick routine!

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