REVIEW: OCC Lip Tar – Memento

IMG_3380Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar “Memento” – $18

For Christmas, I received the OCC Mini Lip Tar set that retailed for just $20 for four little lip tars. Unfortunately, the set isn’t for sale anymore (the 12 set is, though), but Memento is a permanent shade, so this review is still good to go.

If you don’t know what lip tars are, they’re an extremely pigmented lipstick in liquid form. A very little bit goes a long way. If you’re vegan, this brand is absolutely perfect for you since every single one of their products is vegan.


Memento is described on the Sephora website as a midtone pink plum. I see the midtone pink, but I’m not sure I’m seeing the plum.



Even on my lips, it looks like a deep pink nude shade.

Lip Tars have a tendency to be a drying product which is really how it ends up looking so matte once dried and lasts a long time even after drinking (and maybe eating, depending on what you’re eating). I have very high maintenance lips that require extra care and even with very good lip balm, lip tars are drying on me. Each shade I’ve tried has a different level of dryness. It really just depends on the shade. Memento actually feels very comfortable for the first hour, but after that, it dries completely and starts to feel a little more drying, especially at the edges and sides of the mouth, but it’s not the driest lip tar I own.

If you’ve got super dry lips that peel easily, I wouldn’t recommend a matte lip tar and would instead recommend you go for a gloss stain. Although they’re much more comfortable to wear, they are a gloss and they don’t have the pigmentation or the longevity of a matte lip tar. You can see my comparison video here. Lip tars come in many, many different shades from your ordinary neutrals to blues and greens that you can use to mix with neutral lip tars or other colours and just have a field day with them.

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: OCC Lip Tar – Memento

  1. I’d call it mauve over plum. Looks really good on you! As do those brows, nice! Have you ever tried mixing them straight up with a balm or gloss? (like, pre-application) Just wondering if it could take off the drying if it was mixed with a clear gloss beforehand.

    • If you had a really good lipbalm (like Jack Black, for me), then it could work but you’d have to pick one of the more comfortable wearing shades like this or Queen.

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