Foiled Orange/Copper New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial using Urban Decay NAKED2 | closed captioned

It’s the last day of 2013, so I figured now would probably be the time to make a blog post for the NYE makeup tutorial that I did a few days ago.

I did want to do a makeup tutorial for NYE since I did one last year, but I had no ideas for one and I didn’t want to really do silver and blue again. I was just going to disregard the idea of a NYE makeup tutorial completely until Rachel Whitehurst gave me an idea to do a foiled makeup tutorial! Rachel is a very nifty YouTube friend of mine so I was very honoured (and perhaps teared up a little bit) when she gave me an idea for the video.

(Gee, you do a Teen Wolf collaboration and this for me? You spoil me, friend.)

Do yourself a favour and watch Rachel’s NYE video too. Blue is my favourite eyeshadow colour to wear (yes, even the neon blue stuff) and I loved seeing the blue in this tutorial! Plus, she’s so much cooler than me and her eyebrows are ten times better than mine.

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