Urban Decay NAKED3 Makeup Tutorial | closed captioned

Yes, yes, another person on YouTube and makeup blogs purchasing the NAKED3 palette from Urban Decay and then creating, editing, and uploading a makeup tutorial for it onto YouTube.



I’ll admit: I made fun of this palette when someone posted a very filtered picture of the palette on Instagram because it seriously just looked like NAKED and NAKED2 slapped into a third palette. Honestly, I still think the whole NAKED thing is getting ridiculous and if they do decide to make another one, I hope that the hypothetical fourth palette will be all matte shades. Or you know, make an all matte palette but with bright colours since, you know, Urban Decay was known for that funky and edge side to makeup!

There will be no review or even a mini review for this eyeshadow palette in this video or blog post. I will save that for a future blog post and/or video once I’ve played with all the shades at least once.

RELATED QUESTION: Do you own this palette? Do you like, love, or hate it?

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